What are the benefits of Acebusters compared to a traditional poker platform ?

Acebusters uses the Ethereum blockchain to manage player funds. That means you are in complete control of your balance and it is always secure. Our tables are implemented as smart contracts (a piece of code running on the Ethereum blockchain), which means that at no point we have any control over the funds that you play with. You will be able to deposit and withdraw any amount at any time within a couple of minutes.
There is no counterparty risk in this model and events like Black Friday are things of the past.
We aim to implement the Mental Poker Protocol, a technology which allows players in a peer to peer network a guaranteed fairly shuffled game as well as the certainty that no one can peek at your cards. Remember the Ultimate-Bet super user scandal ? This is a thing of the past.
You want to stake a player or buy a share in a tournament but you are uncertain whether the other party can be trusted and not run with the money at some point? Smart contracts can assure that you can always retrieve your share from the person you staked.

How much will the rake be?

We will figure out the exact amounts during our beta when we get a better idea about the cost of maintenance. But we will use rake only to cover these transactions fees and our general operating costs. The rest will be redistributed to you as an affiliate. So very likely it will be much lower than on any traditional platform.

Can I be an affiliate?

Everybody can be an affiliate. Once you sign up you will get a referral code which you can send to your friends and peers. You will earn the lion’s share of their produced rake. A democratic community. Your token share will give you voting rights regarding the Acebusters economy. For example the amount of rake taken and how it is distributed.

So how do you make money?

Our goal is to generate value solely with our token. The token will only be valuable if we have an active and vibrant community.

What are the next steps?

We have developed a prototype to showcase that our vision is technically feasible today. We are using multi-party state channels for the real time interactions at the table. Our next goal is the development for the poker client running on top of our smart contracts. This will include the Mental Poker peer-to-peer implementation as well as different game types like SNGS, MTT, Pot Limit Omaha etc. We also strive for a UX that will be as good and better as everything that is on the market today. For next steps please also take a look at our timeline.

I am intrigued. What do I do now with all my excitement?

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