learn how you benefit from investing into our
unique poker ecology.
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We are not your average
hyped 10x crowdsale.
There’s more.

Economy share

You benefit directly from our growing economy. The more players play and deposit, the higher your shares’ value.

Revenue share

You benefit from every hand that is being played on our platform. You remember the term “the house always wins”, right? Now you can be the house.

With more than 11 Billion USD in revenue, online poker is more than just a niche market.

Online poker has a huge potential for disruption. On existing platforms, poker is just a slot machine game not the skill game it’s supposed to be. We’re here to change that with a new business model, beneficial for both: the players and the investors.

Poker is the perfect fit for the blockchain. And we are the first with a running product.

We are ahead of our competition. We pioneered real-time cash games on the Ethereum blockchain, developed our own cost-efficient technology to handle table transactions. Already more than 20k were played on mainnet while our competition still dabbles on testnet. Next step: global liquidity.

Our token model.
More than just a commodity.


The players’ token
aka your poker chips
Uncapped and fully backed by Ether to be less prone to market volatility. NTZ is the entry point to our economy.


The investors’
A share in the Acebusters economy. Token holders can participate in decision making on the platform. You can get ABP by exchanging your NTZ in our dashboard.

Your Benefits in a

Economy Share

The value of your tokens will increase with the growing amount of players’ deposits in our ecology.

Token Value

The value of your tokens will grow with the increasing price of the NTZ tokens on the markets.

Revenue Share

Additionally to the increasing value of your tokens, you will benefit from the revenue Acebusters is generating in form of dividends.

Voting Rights

With holding ABP, you become part of the Acebusters Community and get your hands on the steering wheel of the Dapp through voting rights.

Security of Funds

Your funds are safe through our ESCROW-Council. The raised Ether will remain in the smart contract. Without an independent party signing, we will not be able to withdraw reserve funds.

Safe Bet

Unlike our competitors, we raise money with the first running product on the Ethereum mainnet, built by a team of obsessive poker players and experienced blockchain geeks. And we are in it for the long run.

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