Inception! Started hacking

Jan 2017We decided to go all-in to make this happen. Total dedication to the project.

Closed beta!

May 2017Fixing the last crucial bugs in our smart contract and game logic with small group of dedicated testers. Thanks guys!

Public beta starts.

Jun 2017Where we are today! Everybody now has access to our beta. We will gain valuable insights and feedback in this period. The smart contracts will betested thoroguhly. This is all still happening on the ethereum testnet

Implement SNGs

Sept 2017We want to use most of our raised funds to develop our product. SNGs is a very popular format and and it will be one of the first things we implement.

Implement Staking Contracts

Sept 2017One of the biggest advantages of the blockchain is that you don’t need trusted 3rd parties. Our smart contracts will act as escrows!

Implement Mental Poker

Nov 2017Acebusters will go totally mental. Decentralized, secure, p2p architecture with a guaranteed fairly shuffled deck. Awesome!

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